Accessories & Bundling Supplies for our Wood Bundler

Please see below for our Wood-PAKer
     parts and accessories.


Extension Kit

Extension Kit

This kit will give you the opportunity to extend your line and add more room for personal as needed

Price $950.00
5’ Extension
(chain, cross bars, buckets and tilt brackets included)

Bundling Supplies

Box Holder

Bulk Box of Fire Starters

Bulk Box of individual fire starter sticks.

1,500 stick per box.

24 boxes per skid.

($.065 per stick)

Buy individual bulk boxes $ 97.50 per box Plus shipping


$2,340.00 per skid with FREE shipping
commercial address
continental United States

plastic rolls

Heat Shrink Plastic Rolls

475 sheets Perforated / roll

24 rolls per skid

Buy individual rolls at $93.10 per roll ($.196 per sheet)


By the skid at
$2,023.50 per skid ($.1775 per sheet)
Plus, shipping


Nylon Handles

8″ Nylon Handles.

4,ooo / box.

18 boxes per skid.

Buy individual box at
$160.00 per box ($.04 per handle)


By the skid at
$2,520 per skid ($.035 per handle)
Plus, shipping